Chevrolet Blue Line Concepts Previewed before SEMA [News]

Some interesting news comes from Detroit as Chevrolet have previewed their new Blue Line concept vehicles, before their full reveal at SEMA on November 1 in Las Vegas. The Blue Line features two of Chevy’s vehicles, the first being the Chevy Malibu RS Blue Line and the second being the Chevy…


What will be the dominant powertrain of the future? [Video]

There’s a horserace going on out there among how vehicles will be fueled in the future. Will it be by diesel, gasoline, electric or hydrogen fuel cell? TFL’s Roman Mica and Andre Smirnov recently looked at diesel engines and wanted to see if diesel is the future or if it isn’t….


Jeep Grand Cherokee or Audi Q5? [Ask TFLcar]

We need your help. We recently received this email from Ryan. He’s considering a new used car and he’s not sure which is the best option. On his shopping list he has the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Audi Q5: I just wanted to say that I love your YouTube channel…


Would Honda’s WR-V mini crossover work in the United States? [News]

Honda recently released a sketch of the forthcoming WR-V crossover in advance of its unveiling at the Sao Paulo International Auto Show in Brazil, but could the South America-only crossover work in the States? The car, which was designed by Honda R&D Brazil specifically for the South American market, is a…


2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS vs Volvo XC90 T6 Mashup Review [Video]

In the luxury crossover segment, the difference between the Mercedes Benz GLS and Volvo XC90 T6 isn’t just in their countries of origin. The two vehicles have a variety of differences that TFL’s Roman Mica and Nathan Adlen discovered recently after testing driving both back to back. The Mercedes starts…

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